Union of Social Work Students of Belgrade University

Union of Social Work Students of Belgrade University is non-political, non-gouvermental and non-profit association, with a mission of developing and enhancing professional education of social work students, ajusted to the Europian standards as well as to demands of contemporary social work science and practice of Europian social work. In this process Union of social work students of Belgrade Universityrepresents intrests of social work students in all issues relevant to provision of their human and students rights as well as in creating efficient and quality studies ajusted to the needs of contemporary profession needs and needs of clients.

Union Of Social Work Students Of Belgrade University
Unija studenata socijalnog rada Univerziteta u Beogradu
Dept. of social policy and social work, Faculty of Political Sciences
Gordana Marčetić

Jove Ilica 165
11 000 Belgrade
Serbia & Montenegro

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +381 63 365 400
Telefax: +381 11 397 0 398

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