TribesNETribes…promoting Peace & Harmony using New Media & The Arts as a tool


1. To increase Young People’s confidence & self-esteem through involvement in Arts & New Media related Projects in a Multicultural setting

2. To increase Young People’s participation in Arts & New Media Multicultural Projects & Exchanges

3. To promote Peace & Harmony amongst Youngsters from all over Europe using the Arts & New Media as a Tool

4. To promote Equality & to Celebrate Diversity using the Arts & New Media as a Tool

5. To encourage Young People to become more employable by helping them to:

a) gain skills in the Arts & New Media Technologies

b) open their horizons

c) acquire people’s skills

d) develop emotional intelligence

6. To encourage teamwork amongst Youth and Youth Workers from all over Europe and beyond

Members: Young People from 15 to 25 years of age plus Adults Professionals Volunteers.

Regular Activities: Meetings, Participating in Multicultural Training Courses for Youth Workers and Youth Exchanges, Contact Making Seminars, Feasibility & Preparation visits, Organising Multicultural Youth Projects & Exchanges…

Rosana Corral Navas (Roxana Meechan)

34 East Millicent Avenue
Sutherland, The Highlands

Telephone: 00 44 1408 633 622
Email: [email protected] & [email protected]

This Eurodesk tool lists application deadlines, which are coming up in the next three months, for European programmes.

The Youth in Action Programme makes an important contribution to the acquisition of competences and is therefore a key instrument in providing young people with opportunities for non-formal and informal learning with a European dimension.