Reopening of the Gijon / Xixon Youth Office by appointment

We give you a summary of what face-to-face care will be like during this process by PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT until we recover full face-to-face care:


  • From this option we will attend to general issues related to Youth.
  • For example, you can consult the information on activities, grants, study grants, awards, contests, employment and training or make international student or teacher cards , as well as the hostel.
  • You can make these inquiries from Monday to Friday in the mornings.
  • Duration: These consultations are intended for a brief orientation that must be resolved in less than 20 minutes.

The following 4 Consultancies: Employment, Legal, Education and Sexuality, have the purpose of offering you personalized and free advice with professionals specialized in labor orientation and job search, legal, education and health issues.


  • In addition to the basic information about education that we can provide you with in a first consultation, we also offer you specialized advice on education and training issues for all those questions that require specific advice and a greater depth in the matter.
  • If you need information about the regulated training of the educational system, or about training for employment , we can guide you towards the different training possibilities depending on the studies you have completed.
  • This service is preferably aimed at young people up to 35 years of age, as well as mothers, fathers and educators.
  • This counseling will take place from Monday to Friday in the mornings.
  • Duration: 40 minutes.


  • Youth Guarantee is an initiative of the European Union to combat the high rates of youth unemployment. Through the Youth Guarantee it is intended that young people in Europe under the age of 30 who finish their formal education or become unemployed, do not spend more than four months without receiving a good job offer, continuing education, apprenticeship training or period of practices.
  • From the Gijón / Xixón Youth Office we offer you the possibility of enrolling in the National Youth Guarantee System *, as well as receiving basic advice on employment matters.
  • * At this time, enrollment in the National Youth Guarantee System is done through the PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT SERVICE: SEND THE  COMPLIED YOUTH GUARANTEE FORM  to the email  UNTIL NEW NOTICE , we can also offer guidance related to training or job offers aimed at young people enrolled in the Youth Guarantee, as well as other related questions.
  • This counseling will take place from Monday to Friday in the mornings.
  • Duration: 40 minutes.


  • Personalized, confidential and free advice is offered on any subject in the legal field about which you have doubts: associations, youth rights, consumer claims, rental and purchase of housing, employment contracts, etc. …
  • This service is aimed preferably at young people up to 35 years of age, as well as mothers, fathers and educators.
  • This Advisory will be attended on Monday mornings.
  • Duration: 40 minutes.


  • The Sexual Orientation and Information Service for Young People (SOISEX) offers you free personalized advice on any matter that has to do with sexuality, affectivity, desire … It is attended by four professionals with specialized training in Sexology and extensive experience in working with young people . In no case is specialized treatment or therapy included. If necessary, you would be referred to the different specific services that exist, according to your needs.
  • This counseling will be attended on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  • Duration: 30 minutes.


Priority will be given to resolving the attentions electronically through the telephone, email and / or Social Networks in which we have a presence ( FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM ), which cannot be resolved in this way, will be done through the use of PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT

In our office we will maintain security measures, you must go to the service using a MASK and respecting the distance currently marked at 1.5 meters and in the positions where there is less distance, such as for attending appointments, we will use screens as a protective barrier.

How to request the PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT ? 

We are launching the website of the Gijón / Xixón City Council and therefore, also of our page, but do not worry, although it is a simple procedure we will indicate how to do it with a scheme:


The fastest and easiest option would be directly through the following link to the web:

We would go to PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT, we will indicate the service where we want the appointment (Youth, Education, Youth Guarantee, Legal and SOISEX) and we choose the day and time available

From the direct link on our website in each of the Consultancies we offer

  • You would directly access the quotes in the description of the Consultancies that we have on the website: 
  • Or by entering from the Gijón City Council website:
  • We click on CITY COUNCIL, we enter DIRECTORY  and in the search we put  YOUTH.
  • From this link we can access the information of our Office OFFICE OF YOUTH OF GIJÓN / XIXÓN
  • In the information of each Consultancy we have the option of the PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT procedure .
  • And finally we will choose the day and time of the appointment that suits us.

From the general website of the Gijón / Xixón City Council, if we have the CITIZEN CARD and we know its PIN NUMBER

We would enter the new municipal website at: 

On the top right we have a user icon on which we must click and we will access the user profile indicating the number of the Citizen Card (without leading zeros) and their PIN number.

On the top left we display a menu with actions that are currently linked to our TC and related relationships with the Gijón City Council, such as:


Within PROCEDURES we have the option to reserve the PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT

We mark the option REQUEST A PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT, we choose the Service where we want to go, in our case, SCHOOL OF TRADE (since the Youth Office is located in the School of Commerce building).

The options of the type of appointment that we offer would be:

  • Education Advisory
  • Youth Guarantee Advisory
  • Legal advice
  • SOISEX Advisory
  • and the Youth Office.

And then it would give us the option to choose the day and time of the appointment that best suits us.

If we enter the new website of the City Council of Gijón in the option MY PROCEDURES within SOY DE GIJÓN,

  • We write PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT in the search engine and clicking on the first option we can start the process of requesting our appointment
  • We can do it through the data of the CITIZEN CARD or our personal data.
  • We will choose COMMERCE SCHOOL , service in which we want the appointment and we reserve the day and time of those available.

If we put in the general search engine at the beginning of the website of the City Council of Gijón PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT

  • From the search engine of the website of the city council the following address appears 
  • By going to that address we can do the process of requesting the PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT as in the previous option.

From the GIJON City Council app for phones and other mobile devices

  • It would be to follow the steps of the first option that we tell you, but through your mobile phone or tablet in PROCEDURES / PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT.
  • * We have to clarify that this application option is not yet updated on iPhone mobile devices, but it can be done from Android.