Online advice and training on Youth

In these times you have to reinvent yourself. To the face-to-face advice and consulting service that I have been offering for some time to Youth Services of public administrations and youth organizations, I now add this ” online advice” for the entire territory of the state. This time, when it will be difficult to contact young people by the Youth Services, can be a good time to stop and think about new intervention strategies with adolescents and young people. I will provide this service through some of the different existing video calling applications and will basically consist of the following features:

– Analysis of the situation with professionals / political leaders of the entity on programs and services, youth plans, activities, RR.SS, methodologies, youth information, youth spaces …). Recommendations and strategies to carry out. – Online training actions for work teams of youth departments or youth organizations. Organization of specific training on youth stimulation and participation for professionals or volunteers – Consultation and concrete advice on situations, ordinary operations or ideas that are to be put into operation by the youth department or entity. – Consultations and advice on the implementation of youth stimulation and participation projects with participatory methodologies.

– Consultations and advice on working with adolescents and young people in general. In each of these types of consultations a final report of the recommendations made will be delivered in writing, if requested. Regarding the budget, in principle the online service hour will be € 50.00 plus VAT. The services that also include any other provision will be consulted in advance and an agreement can be reached. All hours made during the service will be billed at the end of each month in which the service took place. If you want to propose any alternative, resolve doubts or contract the service, do not hesitate to contact me by some of these methods: