Interesting in participating?

If you fit the profile, if you are resident in a youth in action programme country, or in South-East Europe, and you are interesting in participating, fill out the application form that you can find here [233 KB] , and send it before 30/9/2009 to:

Healthy Network iNGO
Tomáš Pešek
Medvedovej 30
851 04 Bratislava Slovakia
Phone: +421 908 979 939
E-mail: tomas [at] healthynetwork [dot] org

(if possible by email)

We will make a selection of 25 participants, taking into account a balance of experiences, learning needs, gender balance, geographical balance,…

What does it costs?

This is a training course, funded by the European Commissions’ YOUTH IN ACTION programme. Therefore, we also apply the financial rules of it:

  • your travel costs will be reïmbursed for 70% with the organisers’ agreed budget, if taken by public transport (so if you take a public bus, train, or plane of 300 euro, you’ll be reimbursed on the course for 210 euro’s). You pay 30% of the total travel budget
  • we pay the accomodation: your overnights, breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel is completely from our budget of course, you pay yourself what you drink, your souvenirs,…
  • the only thing for this that we ask back, is your full motivation and energy to give the best of yourself during the training 😉
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