Online advice and training on Youth

In these times you have to reinvent yourself. To the face-to-face advice and consulting service that I have been offering for some time to Youth Services of public administrations and youth organizations, I now add this ” online advice” for the entire territory of the state. This time, when it will be difficult to contact young people by the Youth Services, can be a good time to stop and think about new intervention strategies with adolescents and young people. I will provide this service through some of the different existing video calling applications and will basically consist of the following features:

– Analysis of the situation with professionals / political leaders of the entity on programs and services, youth plans, activities, RR.SS, methodologies, youth information, youth spaces …). Recommendations and strategies to carry out. – Online training actions for work teams of youth departments or youth organizations. Organization of specific training on youth stimulation and participation for professionals or volunteers – Consultation and concrete advice on situations, ordinary operations or ideas that are to be put into operation by the youth department or entity. – Consultations and advice on the implementation of youth stimulation and participation projects with participatory methodologies.

– Consultations and advice on working with adolescents and young people in general. In each of these types of consultations a final report of the recommendations made will be delivered in writing, if requested. Regarding the budget, in principle the online service hour will be € 50.00 plus VAT. The services that also include any other provision will be consulted in advance and an agreement can be reached. All hours made during the service will be billed at the end of each month in which the service took place. If you want to propose any alternative, resolve doubts or contract the service, do not hesitate to contact me by some of these methods:

CREATIVE YOUTH activities Gijón Summer 2021 program

The Gijón / Xixón Youth Department joins the Gijón 2021 Summer activities this year with a series of different and fun urban workshops, which we call YOUNG CREATIVES and are aimed at young people in our city aged 14 to 20 years. .


Get active this summer with the activities that the OIJ has designed for you. This year, you will have the opportunity to enjoy like never before, laugh like never before and have fun like… never! We will do digital gymkanas, escapes, sports activities, challenges, movies with your mobile and … much more!

  • Place:  Young Space. School of Commerce and outdoor spaces.
  • Ages:  14 to 20 years old.
  • Dates : From July 12 to 16.
  • Hours:  Monday to Friday, from 12:00 to 14:00.
  • Places:  14
  • Gratuitous.
  • Registrations until July 8, 2021.


About us? This workshop seeks to explore, through community dialogue, our own voice within the everyday world. We will collect books, series, movies, games, music, images, photographs and words to build a narrative, a diary, that tells the world the importance of a generation that resists living in a world in chaos. The final result will be published in an artisanal way, as an object book that will belong to the Gijón library space.

  • Place:  La Calzada Youth Initiatives Center (CIJ).
  • Ages:  14 to 20 years old.
  • Dates:  From July 19 to 23.
  • Hours:  Monday to Friday, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Places:  10
  • Gratuitous.
  • Registrations until July 15, 2021.


Identity / Diversity / Uniqueness / Collectivity. We propose a workshop to explore our visible and invisible identities. We will use corporal expression and dramatic action, word and narration, plastic installation or other creative formats, building an experience that allows us to show all our richness and uniqueness, from absolute respect to our individualities, claiming the right of young people. to be who and how they want to be.

  • Place:  2nd floor lobby. Commerce School.
  • Ages:  14 to 20 years old.
  • Dates:  From August 2 to 13.
  • Hours:  Monday to Thursday, from 12:00 to 13:30.
  • Places:  18
  • Gratuitous.
  • Registrations until July 29, 2021.


We will start from the premise: what mystery can a group of young people hide in a summer in Gijón? From which we will build a script that we will carry out in series format for TikTok equipped with mobiles. A creative experience in which each participant in the workshop will be an enclave to build history, joining the pieces of this mystery story.

  • Place:  Young Space. Commerce School.
  • Ages:  14 to 20 years old.
  • Dates:  From August 17 to 23.
  • Hours:  From 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • Places:  14.
  • Gratuitous.
  • Registrations until August 12, 2021.


Do you want to participate in the making of a rap song? In this workshop there will be a brief introduction to the culture of hip-hop and will work for two weeks on the entire process of creating a song. Once we have written our lyrics and we have learned to interpret them, we will record the song in a professional studio and in the last session of the workshop a video clip will be recorded. 

This workshop is linked to the activities of the XVI Conference against Racism and Xenophobia, so the song that will be created will be aimed at combating racism and xenophobia, and promoting values ​​such as tolerance and respect.

  • Place:  Young Space. Commerce School.
  • Ages:  14 to 20 years old.
  • Dates:  From August 17 to 26.
  • Hours:  From 12:30 to 14:00.
  • Places:  14.
  • Gratuitous.
  • Registrations until August 12, 2021.
“Culturaquí 2021” Program Awards

The Ministry of the Presidency of the Principality of Asturias publishes the regulatory bases of the “Culturaquí 2021” Program Awards aimed at young people in Asturias.

Beneficiaries: Young people born in Asturias, or residents in the Principality of Asturias or descendants up to the second degree of Asturian emigrants, whose age does not exceed 35 years on December 31, 2021, individually or within collectives.

Award of the following prizes:


Any artistic proposal may be submitted: painting, sculpture, photography, engraving, installations, video installations, etc. The subject, the technique and the materials used will be of free choice.

The inauguration will be held during the second half of 2022 . The expenses derived from the exhibition (framing, insurance, transport, assembly, catalog edition and advertising) will be borne by the Asturian Youth Institute

They must present:

  • Curriculum vitae and artistic.
  • A dossier (photographs, CD, DVD) of at least 5 works, indicating the title, year of production, technique or materials, actual dimensions and, in the case of sculptures, weight.

Awards / Endowment: 5,000 euros according to specialties

  • Maximum selection of 6 dossiers, awarding each of them a cash prize of € 500.
  • The Young Asturias Award for Plastic Arts will be endowed with € 2,000, of which a minimum of € 1,000 will be allocated to the production of works that are part of the individual exhibition that will be presented at the Borrón Hall in 2022.

Deadline: until June 30, 2021 .


Asturian groups or soloists who have not edited or self-published, on one or more media, a maximum of twelve songs will be admitted. Nor should they have a current contract with a record company.

They may not present recordings under different names or, individually, appear in more than one group.

They must present:

  • Demo on CD, with a minimum of 8 songs, recorded by the same members registered.
  • Resume of the group or soloist, including a nominal list of components and instruments they play.
  • Lyrics of songs included in the CD.
  • Photograph of the soloist or group.


  • 3,000.00 euros for the “Pop-Rock Model Contest”, granting the winner a cash prize for said amount that will be allocated, within a maximum period of one year, to the edition of an audio CD with a minimum of six songs (300 copies) or an EP (150 copies) plus a video of at least one song.

Term: until September 30, 2021.


Originals that have been awarded in another contest or contest or by authors awarded in the last 3 editions in the modalities of poetry, narrative and theatrical texts of this “Asturias Joven” Award will not be accepted.

Modalities: Poetry, Narrative (short stories or short novel) and Theater Texts.

The originals must be original and unpublished, written in Spanish or Asturian, and that you have not been awarded in any other contest or contest.

They must present:

  • Poetry: a collection of poems with an extension of more than 30 DIN A4 type pages.
  • Narrative: a set of short stories or a short novel whose length exceeds 75 pages and does not exceed 120 DIN A4 type.
  • Theatrical texts: their duration will be the normal one for a performance.

The works will go in 2 envelopes:

Envelope A (closed and under motto and escrow): curriculum vitae and literary, headed by name and surname, age, address and telephone number.

Envelope B, under the motto and escrow appearing in envelope A, indicating in each case the type of the Prize.

Prizes: 3,000.00 euros for the “Young Asturias Award for Poetry, Narrative and Theatrical Texts”, granting a cash prize of 1,000.00 euros for each modality: poetry, narrative (short stories or short novels) and theatrical texts.

Term: until September 30, 2021.


Young people may attend this call individually or within a group of artists.


  • Any artistic proposal may be submitted: painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, installations, video-installations, etc.
  • The theme, technique and materials used will be free to choose.

They must present:

  • Curriculum vitae and artistic.
  • A dossier (photographs, CD, DVD) of the works, being essential to indicate the title, year of realization, technique or materials, real dimensions and, in the case of sculptures, their weight.
  • Description of the exhibition project to be carried out.

Awards / Endowment:

  • The selected artists will hold an exhibition in the Borrón Room (Oviedo) in the course of 2022, assuming the Asturian Youth Institute:
    • Edit a catalog, postcard, and poster.
    • Carry out the assembly and disassembly of the same under the technical direction of a Commissioner.
    • Insure the works at his own expense during the exhibition period.
  • The exhibited works may be put up for sale.

Term: until October 29, 2021 .


Young people who direct the short film that have not previously been awarded this award may participate in this award.

Modalities: free theme short film projects that:

  • They are developed in Spanish or Asturian.
  • Do not exceed 25 minutes in duration.
  • The papers presented must include:
    • Short film script
    • Budget
    • Shooting plan.
    • Shooting format.
    • Address memory.
    • Exploitation plan and planned exhibition format.
    • Any source of additional funding, accreditation, plan, documentation and information.

They must present:

  • Curriculum vitae and artistic.
  • projects in triplicate.

Endowment: € 5,000 for the sole winner of the Prize.

Term: until October 15, 2021.


In the electronic headquarters of the Principality of Asturias  the Service Sheets corresponding to each of the prizes, samples and contests included in the Program are published, which can be located by entering the code that is Indicates below in the header search engine (located in the upper right part of the page), where you will find all the information about them and the standard application form:

  • – “Young Asturias Award for Plastic Arts” and Plastic Arts Show: PREM0009T01.
  • – Pop-Rock Model Contest: PREM0009T02.
  • – “Young Asturias Award for Poetry, Narrative and Theatrical Texts”: PREM0009T05.
  • – Program of exhibitions for young plastic artists. Borrón Room: PREM0009T03.
  • – Prize “New Directors of the Principality of Asturias”: PREM0009T04.
  • – “Astragal Award”: PREM0009T06
Reopening of the Gijon / Xixon Youth Office by appointment

We give you a summary of what face-to-face care will be like during this process by PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT until we recover full face-to-face care:


  • From this option we will attend to general issues related to Youth.
  • For example, you can consult the information on activities, grants, study grants, awards, contests, employment and training or make international student or teacher cards , as well as the hostel.
  • You can make these inquiries from Monday to Friday in the mornings.
  • Duration: These consultations are intended for a brief orientation that must be resolved in less than 20 minutes.

The following 4 Consultancies: Employment, Legal, Education and Sexuality, have the purpose of offering you personalized and free advice with professionals specialized in labor orientation and job search, legal, education and health issues.


  • In addition to the basic information about education that we can provide you with in a first consultation, we also offer you specialized advice on education and training issues for all those questions that require specific advice and a greater depth in the matter.
  • If you need information about the regulated training of the educational system, or about training for employment , we can guide you towards the different training possibilities depending on the studies you have completed.
  • This service is preferably aimed at young people up to 35 years of age, as well as mothers, fathers and educators.
  • This counseling will take place from Monday to Friday in the mornings.
  • Duration: 40 minutes.


  • Youth Guarantee is an initiative of the European Union to combat the high rates of youth unemployment. Through the Youth Guarantee it is intended that young people in Europe under the age of 30 who finish their formal education or become unemployed, do not spend more than four months without receiving a good job offer, continuing education, apprenticeship training or period of practices.
  • From the Gijón / Xixón Youth Office we offer you the possibility of enrolling in the National Youth Guarantee System *, as well as receiving basic advice on employment matters.
  • * At this time, enrollment in the National Youth Guarantee System is done through the PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT SERVICE: SEND THE  COMPLIED YOUTH GUARANTEE FORM  to the email  UNTIL NEW NOTICE , we can also offer guidance related to training or job offers aimed at young people enrolled in the Youth Guarantee, as well as other related questions.
  • This counseling will take place from Monday to Friday in the mornings.
  • Duration: 40 minutes.


  • Personalized, confidential and free advice is offered on any subject in the legal field about which you have doubts: associations, youth rights, consumer claims, rental and purchase of housing, employment contracts, etc. …
  • This service is aimed preferably at young people up to 35 years of age, as well as mothers, fathers and educators.
  • This Advisory will be attended on Monday mornings.
  • Duration: 40 minutes.


  • The Sexual Orientation and Information Service for Young People (SOISEX) offers you free personalized advice on any matter that has to do with sexuality, affectivity, desire … It is attended by four professionals with specialized training in Sexology and extensive experience in working with young people . In no case is specialized treatment or therapy included. If necessary, you would be referred to the different specific services that exist, according to your needs.
  • This counseling will be attended on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  • Duration: 30 minutes.


Priority will be given to resolving the attentions electronically through the telephone, email and / or Social Networks in which we have a presence ( FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM ), which cannot be resolved in this way, will be done through the use of PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT

In our office we will maintain security measures, you must go to the service using a MASK and respecting the distance currently marked at 1.5 meters and in the positions where there is less distance, such as for attending appointments, we will use screens as a protective barrier.

How to request the PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT ? 

We are launching the website of the Gijón / Xixón City Council and therefore, also of our page, but do not worry, although it is a simple procedure we will indicate how to do it with a scheme:


The fastest and easiest option would be directly through the following link to the web:

We would go to PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT, we will indicate the service where we want the appointment (Youth, Education, Youth Guarantee, Legal and SOISEX) and we choose the day and time available

From the direct link on our website in each of the Consultancies we offer

  • You would directly access the quotes in the description of the Consultancies that we have on the website: 
  • Or by entering from the Gijón City Council website:
  • We click on CITY COUNCIL, we enter DIRECTORY  and in the search we put  YOUTH.
  • From this link we can access the information of our Office OFFICE OF YOUTH OF GIJÓN / XIXÓN
  • In the information of each Consultancy we have the option of the PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT procedure .
  • And finally we will choose the day and time of the appointment that suits us.

From the general website of the Gijón / Xixón City Council, if we have the CITIZEN CARD and we know its PIN NUMBER

We would enter the new municipal website at: 

On the top right we have a user icon on which we must click and we will access the user profile indicating the number of the Citizen Card (without leading zeros) and their PIN number.

On the top left we display a menu with actions that are currently linked to our TC and related relationships with the Gijón City Council, such as:


Within PROCEDURES we have the option to reserve the PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT

We mark the option REQUEST A PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT, we choose the Service where we want to go, in our case, SCHOOL OF TRADE (since the Youth Office is located in the School of Commerce building).

The options of the type of appointment that we offer would be:

  • Education Advisory
  • Youth Guarantee Advisory
  • Legal advice
  • SOISEX Advisory
  • and the Youth Office.

And then it would give us the option to choose the day and time of the appointment that best suits us.

If we enter the new website of the City Council of Gijón in the option MY PROCEDURES within SOY DE GIJÓN,

  • We write PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT in the search engine and clicking on the first option we can start the process of requesting our appointment
  • We can do it through the data of the CITIZEN CARD or our personal data.
  • We will choose COMMERCE SCHOOL , service in which we want the appointment and we reserve the day and time of those available.

If we put in the general search engine at the beginning of the website of the City Council of Gijón PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT

  • From the search engine of the website of the city council the following address appears 
  • By going to that address we can do the process of requesting the PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT as in the previous option.

From the GIJON City Council app for phones and other mobile devices

  • It would be to follow the steps of the first option that we tell you, but through your mobile phone or tablet in PROCEDURES / PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT.
  • * We have to clarify that this application option is not yet updated on iPhone mobile devices, but it can be done from Android.