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As every Wednesday we bring you the weekly summary of job offers and interesting career guidance resources. This week as a resource we bring you some interesting webinars that will help you improve your job search.

Every day we collect different types of job offers (public employment, stock exchanges, internship contracts, offers from private companies …); that we show you on our website both in the section of calls, employment and in the electronic newsletters where you can see them all summarized in the job offers newsletter but if you are one of those who prefer to continue consulting all the news one day a week, all On Wednesdays we will be here, with interesting offers and with some resources and news of interest that can improve your chances of finding a job.


Webinars have become the best training option for both the unemployed and entrepreneurs. You can find Webinars on any subject, but in this article we are only going to review some of the best free work and employment webinars for people who are looking for a job or people who want to start and establish their own company.

The word webinar comes from the union of two words: Web + Seminar. In short, it is a training, course, workshop, or seminar in video format that is taught over the Internet.

What is a webinar?

The webinars are given live, at an exact date and time. This new form of training is gaining more followers every day due to its accessibility (you only need a computer with an Internet connection) and its interactivity, since the main objective is that at any time the attendees of the webinar can raise their doubts and suggestions, enriching the content with these interventions. But many of these webinars stay on Youtobe so you can follow them whenever you want.

We bring you these three, but if you search the net you can find many others.

Webinars to improve your professional and personal profile

Every Monday InfoJobs organize webinars entitled “#MondayChallenge” to improve the employability of people who are unemployed and looking for work. On the InfoJobs YouTube channel you can access the webinars carried out by InfoJobs so far. Among them you can find interesting proposals such as the following:

  •     How does the mind of a recruiter work?
  •     Reach your goals through motivation
  •     How to look for work on social networks
  •     What are recruiters looking for?
  •     Keys to face a job interview
  •     12 + 1 Steps to find a job
  •     How to create a good CV
  •     Job 2.0: Make the Nethunter Find You

Webinar | How to improve your job search

Have you been looking for a job for a long time and despite your efforts you can’t find it? In this webinar, Montserrat Rodríguez, Human Resources consultant at Securitas Direct, gives you advice on how to increase your chances of finding a job.

Among some of the topics that she deals with are: the channels that can be used to accelerate the job search, the importance of setting goals or perseverance and resilience as key factors to be successful.

Webinar The 8 keys to your job search

In this webinar, Alberto Carcedo tells us about the importance of knowing our strengths and weaknesses in order to gain confidence when facing a selection process.

Alberto Carcedo also explains how you should answer the question “why should I hire you?” He helps you analyze your profile on social networks and tells you the key points that should never be missing from your CV.

April 17, European Youth Information Day

On April 17, the European Youth Information Day is celebrated. From the Gijón / Xixón Youth Office we join this celebration with the Spanish Network of Youth Information Services.

Every April 17, young people and Youth Information Services across Europe celebrate the European Youth Information Day. This day, which was declared in 1983 by the European Agency for Youth Information and Advice (Eryica) and the Spanish Youth Institute (Injuve), represents an opportunity to recognize the work of youth information services, especially in a moment like the present.

In Spain there are more than 3,000 centers that make up the Youth Information Services Network (SIJ) and their work over the past year has been altered as perhaps never before in its history. The services for young people, far from stopping, have been able to reinvent themselves and overcome the challenge of physical distance to organize online activities and be able to guarantee the care, accompaniment and emotional support of young people.

During the pandemic, youth information services have become new agents to inform young people about preventive measures against COVID-19 and to distribute accurate information on the health situation and restrictions adopted by each administration, without abandoning the common topics, related to training, employment, emancipation, solidarity, creation, leisure and free time.

All this has led youth spaces to expand their ways of communicating with young people, in online sessions, on social networks and on mobile applications. And that effort is reflected in this poster that helps us celebrate the European Youth Information Day 2021

The Youth Information Service in Gijón

From the Youth Office of the City Council of Gijón / Xixón we join this celebration with this course “Facilitating the emotional well-being of young people: #mindmymind” within the program WHAT I WAS MISSING !. Since the Campaign focuses this year on trying to encourage youth to express their emotions, problems and fears, raising awareness about the importance of mental health and emotional well-being with the slogan ‘Youth Info #cuidomimente. Discover your inner self. Speaks’. “Youth info #mindmymind Discover your inner self. Speak up “

The main objective of the course is to learn methods and tools to facilitate the physical and emotional well-being of both young people and yourself.

For this, an experiential and transformative learning methodology will be used. During the course of the conference, participants will experience the different techniques and tools themselves. In this way they can experience its usefulness and benefits first-hand.

Dates and times :. Friday 16 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., and Saturday 17 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Duration: 10 hours

Teaching. Esther Vallado environmental and personal development trainer Asociación Biodiversa

In addition, the Asturian Youth Information Network (RAIJ) formed by 29 Youth Offices, which provide information and advice services to young people in different Asturian municipalities, joins the celebration of the European Youth Information Day, with the organization of various activities in the that you can participate:

    Activities of the Cider Region.

    Activities of the Llanera Young Office: Direct every half hour in the afternoon of April 16 with the 4 consultancies (Sex Joven Llanera, Camin d’Europa, Addiction counseling and counseling for associations). WEB

    Activities of the Young Offices of Aller, Langreo, Laviana, Lena, Mieres and San Martín del Rey Aurelio: “Don’t say you don’t know”, youth information on the radio. Every Friday in the RPA Train. You can tune in live on the dial at 1:30 p.m. or listen to the podcasts at rtpa.es/rpa-alacarta.

    Activities of the Gijón Youth Office: Workshop Facilitating the emotional well-being of young people: #mindmymind Registration

Remember that at the Youth Office, you will be able to find information throughout the year and advice on various topics of interest to young people: education and training, scholarships and grants, employment, subsidies, prizes and competitions, activities, participation, associations, youth cards … And if you need to consult topics in a more specific way, we have four consultancies.