MJA vzw is the short name for Maatschappelijke Jongeren Actie – if we translate it in English – Social Youth Action NGO. MJA is a youth-organisation, recognised by the Flemish government.

We organise vacations, summercamps, youth-activities, training courses and other non-formal educational activities for and by young people. We inform and sensibilisate about health-topics and we are a youth-movement in motion.
Health is a central topic in our activities and philosophy. We organise heathproject and -campaign by, with and for young people. We have a condovan, a van that makes a tour to all big festivals to promote the use of condoms and to inform about sexual transmittible disorders.
We have – besides our provincial structure – on national level about 20.000 members (youngsters between 15 and 30) and over 200 youth-leaders.
Every year, we organise in our national structure about 40 vacations (group vacations for youngsters), and over 100 vacations in our provincial structure.

MJA organises socio-cultural trainings (non-formal education): for starting youth workers, for youthworkers that want to become a travel guide for our group vacations, for starting as well as for advanced trainers, for youth-health-workers,… We organise as well trainings on domestical level as on international level.

MJA has a strong international branch; we organise every year several intercultural youth-exchanges as a host association, and are partner in more then 15 youth-exchanges abroad.

We are a send and host-association for European Voluntary Service. We organise and cooperate every year in about 15 international trainings. We have international health-projects for and by young people in Europe, and at this time, we are starting to build an international network of youth-associations that are working within the topic of healthpromotion and prevention.

For MJA, inclusion of young people with less oportunities is an important issue. With MJA.inc, we have the policy that all our activities are also open for e.g. blind people, wheelchairusers,…
Last but not least, with MJA.net, we have also a network of local youth-clubs and youth-and studentsassociations. These are independent associations that are benefitting from the support that we can give as having this network: sharing experiences, training, music-demotheek, sharing magazines, transmitting prevention information.